The Nature Centre of La Pierre de Crazannes : a breath-taking spectacle of rock and greenery!

Carved into a site some 13 hectares in size, these ancient stone quarries proclaim a rich heritage, in both natural resources and human endeavour.

The village of Crazannes took its name from the local stone, quarried since the first century by the Romans up until the 1950’s.  This beautiful strong white rock, extracted over a period of 2000 years has been used to build and restore famous monuments such as Fort Boyard and the Cologne cathedral.

Visiteurs casqués sur le parcours de visite guidée

After quarrying activity ceased, nature regained its rightful place, little by little.  Today, two footpaths allow you to visit the site:

the quarry footpath, for guided tours only :

This trail leads you through an extraordinary landscape of narrow, steep stone gorges, overgrown with ivy, centipede ferns and wild clematis.

The safeguarded footpath includes 280 steps spread over 10 sets of stairs.  Safety head gear is compulsory.

Children under the age of 3 are not allowed on this footpath … and neither are dogs.

The guided tour is conducted in French accompanied by printed information in English.

Genny’s little footpath is an unguided tour :

Pont mobile No human guides, but information panels on the flora, fauna and the history of the quarries, along with a film lasting roughly fifteen minutes in a semi-underground projection room.

There is a slide and a suspended bridge for children to play on.

There are no stairs on this safeguarded footpath, some 650 meters in length.  Dogs are admitted on a leash.

Beginner’s sculptor’s workshops are available at certain times of the year. 

Suitable for all ages from 8 upwards, on reservation.

Organised events feature all the year round, to learn about the flora and wild animals (conducted in French).


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